Short Course in Property Development

Creating your very own APAM

Free Course in Property Development

In this short property development course I cover the key concepts behind creating your own Automatic Property Acquisition Machine (APAM), property development due diligence and financial feasibility concepts.

I walk you through each and every project that I have been part of until end 2017 & how I executed each development using the Best Course in Property Development in Australia, called the Property Development System.

I walk you through my APAM, which explains how to channel profits & equity from one project to another & rinse and repeat the system over and over again.

I also walk you through some serious property development financial feasibility & due diligence concepts that every investor starting out, MUST know.

And finally in a four part series I compare the key differences between Good and Great Property Developers.

This is a free course for investors and developers starting out in property development. Each video is unlocked every 3rd day so you can understand and abrob the content.

Amber Khanna
Amber Khanna
Development Director | Maven

About the instructor

Amber Khanna is a passionate Development Manager with a strategic outlook and passion for the industry. He handles day-to-day operations at Maven Developments with a wide range of responsibilities ranging from development management, to client meetings, council negotiations, contract management and much more.

Amber is possessed of an entrepreneurial spirit and has successfully completed residential and commercial projects worth in excess of $20 million overseas before he turned his attention to the Australian market in 2012.

Amber is skilled in the acquisition of new developments and has comprehensive experience in conducting financial feasibilities, raising capital, marketing, strategic implementation and is well versed in all aspects of finance. Amber believes in an evidence-based approach to the market, and always puts together thorough business cases for new developments backed by strong evidence for profitability.

Amber is enthusiastic about all things property and has spent the last 5 years studying every property strategy under the sun. And is dedicated to lifelong learning. He is also the creator of Property Development System - the best course on Property Development. His knowledge regarding the development industry is unparalleled, and he holds the following qualifications:

  • Industry Diploma in Property Development
  • Diploma in Finance and Mortgage Broking
  • Certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking
  • Masters in Business Administration (Marketing & Finance)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management
  • Bachelor of Business
  • Real Estate Institute of Victoria Agent’s’ Representative